Special Force 2: "Grand Open" now in service on Netmarble

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Special Force 2: Dragonfly and CJ E&M celebrate the "Grand Open" of its major MMOFPS release on Netmarble.

Dragonfly has developed Special Force 2, the successor to Special Force known also as Soldier Front and brought it professionally to commercial service status with CJ E&M on their games portal, and without question it was one of the most anticipated online FPS games in 2011. Both publisher and developer have no smaller ambition than bringing this title to the top position of the ranking of shooter games in Korea. And for the first day of its OBT servers are quite populated and the launch probably to be described as succesful... a promissing start.

In short Dragonfly describes the new features in a "Core Guide". Special Force 2 is developed on the Unreal 3 Engine and a fast-paced shooter.

By pressing the SHIFT-key and a movement key you sprint. But in SF2 you can sprint without limit, you can literally sprint all the time... 

Next to changing the weapon with the mouse-wheel you can assign F1, F2, F3 as shortkeys for weapon slots

Objectives can detonate and have direct impact, but also parts of buildings can be detonated with explosives, unblocking new passages.

By pressing the left mouse button, the aiming feature has been added with the classical zoom-in feature to the target

Our first impression and gameplay experience:

Download, installation, server connection, patching updates and running Special Force 2: all smooth and professional. You know that you are dealing with two MMOFPS veterans: CJ hosts the so far most played FPS Sudden Attack and Dragonfly, experts in developing MMOFPS.

Selecting a character and weapon seems all a bit limited at the Open Beta version, but I don't care for now and quickly finish a tutorial, look for a channel and find out that there is more clan channels than open channels even on the first day, but finally jump into a rookie channel and join a match and voilà I am in.

I am in for approximately 5 seconds. By keep pressing the SHIFT key I dash around, trying to get some orientation and find myself right in front of an enemy who does not hesitate to frag me at once. Okay there is also the "FLASHBACK" feature, a replay of the last seconds out of the perspective of the enemy who fragged me, which gives me the opportunity to find out how he found and fragged me. Not much for a lesson...

so far so cool, so after respawn I think I am a smart ass and move with turtle speed rather sprinting around without orientation and bang! DAMN ALL SNIPERS!

Respawn and I try the sprinting feature again and enjoying this as you can sprint as long as you want, just to find myself fragged again after seconds.

My conclusion is made quickly, I may be too old for Special Force 2, my reflexes not half as fast as the kids playing on this map and also the fear of being fragged by a sniper make me starring at all little details and corners. Without question the "sprint without limitation" feature makes this game fast and sometimes hectic. You move around quickly as you fear your oponent is alreadying aiming at your back. If this is the next generation of MMO FPS... definetely a challenging one.


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