Aeria Games Shut Down Repulse

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The subject was "Repulse Has Come to An End" and with this last announcement at the official site, Aeria Games terminated the free-to-play shooter which had been launched just a couple of months ago.  

"The Repulse servers have been shutdown and we must all move on to other exciting games. We are happy to have published this action packed shooter but all good things must come to an end.
For those of you who spent with us we are happy to announce that all of the AP you spent in Repulse for June, July and August of 2012 will be refunded to your account. More details to follow in the coming weeks. For those looking for more intense FPS action feel free to check out AVA, Wolf Team or Soldier Front!"

With these words Aeria Games shut down the shooter on August, 11 and Repulse's odyssey finally ends here. The FPS was launched in 2009 and both developer Queen's Soft and publisher KTH had been confident about its first market release in Korea, under the title "Another Day". Following the Korean release, KTH teamed up with various Asian publishers to launch the game under the titles "Another Day" and "Genesis A.D." in China, Japan and Thailand. 

In 2009 KTH announced an publishing agreement with NHN USA ( and "Genesis A.D." entered Open Beta in 2010, which also came to a sudden end in 2011. The FPS never made it out of open beta. With nearly two years in service, KTH decided to shut down the Korean servers already by end of 2011, but found in Aeria Games a new publishing partner who brought the game in North-America back to service in February 2012, just to terminate it in August 2012.

No doubts here, Repulse, aka Genesis A.D., aka Another Day, had market potential, but failed to be really succesful, and this never was a publisher's fault. Another FPS, made in Korea, finds an unfortunate end. 

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