Ongame Launched Mercury Red In Brazil

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Mercury Red - FPSBrazil-based MMO Publisher Ongame launched Open Beta of Mercury Red on 3 December, 2012. The MOFPS (Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter), developed by Plutogames and Choirock Games, is the latest addition to Ongames' online games portal which also hosts the Brazilian version of the shooter Project Blackout. 

Mercury Red FPS

Mercury Red is a cartoon-styled, non-military FPS and brings some innovative features and game modes. There are five unique character classes with a related set of primary weapons and special character abilities, which can be further developed. Next to the Ability System Mercury Red features a Revenge System and 1 vs 1 Duel Game Mode.  

Raptor is an assault class, effective with submachine guns and has the special abilities Charge and Terrorism

Mercury Red - Raptor

Fox is effective at mid-ranged attacks, best equipped with an assault machine gun (AMG) and offers the special skills Lock On and Numb.

Mercury Red FOX

A strong character class is Bigfoot. Heavy weapons and defense are his skills and he features the special abilities Iron Shield and Bear Skin.

Mercury Red Bigfoot

The sniper class is presented by character Hawk, deadly with a sniper rifle and the special abilities Power Shot and Marks Woman.

Mercury Red Hawk

Phantom is an assassin character class with surprise attack skills and the abilities Clocking Blitz and Naga Eye. He uses a Shot Gun.

Mercury Red Phantom

Weapons customization options are quite massive in Mercury Red. Classic Team Death Matches are available and special Game Modes as Steal The Money, Capture Point and Close Combat. 

Brazilians gamers can visit the official site and participate at the Open Beta for free.

Mercury Red - Official Gameplay (Beta)


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