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M.A.R.S./ Mercenary/ Black Fire/ Global Mission
  Type Multiplayer Online TPS (MOTPS)
  Genre Sci-fi
  Developer Yingpei Games
  Status CS
  Release 2012
  Platform PC Client-based, f2p
  User Rating
Rating: 4.59/5 (104 Votes)

Availability by country and game service status (CS - commercial service, OBT - open beta test, CBT - closed beta test, TD - terminated):

List updated October 6, 2014.

Title Publisher Territory Status Link
Mercenary Ops Kalends Publishing usa USA TD
Mercenary Ops Kalends Publishing canada Canada TD
M.A.R.S. Level Up! Brasil Brasil TD
Mercenary Ops Kalends Publishing Europe EUROPE TD
M.A.R.S. Online Gametolia Türkiye Türkiye CS
Black Fire Belver Russian Federation Российская Федерация Российская Федерация CS
Black Fire Belver CIS Содружество Независимых Государств (СНГ) CS
Final Mission Kunlun Korea Korea Korea TD
Global Mission Zygames China China CS
Final Mission Kunlun Taiwan Taiwan TD
Black Fire Goldensoft 2006 thailand Thailand TBC
Mercenary Ops (MOPS Revoltech) VTC Online Indonesia Indonesia Indonesia TD
Mercenary Online Massive Gaming Philippines Philippines CS



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